Best Retro Console To Collect In 2020

Retro Gaming is more popular now than it ever has been. This is great for the community with more and more retro gaming content being created every day. However when it comes to actually collecting retro video games it can get pretty expensive. Yet not all retro game collecting needs Continue Reading

Nintendo Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance Pickups

This weeks retro gaming continues the focus on Gameboy. Specifically the Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP games and accessories. Pokemon A while back I read a story about the best way to introduce kids to Pokemon. It was by handing them a Gameboy Color and copy of Pokemon Continue Reading

Retro Gaming – Nintendo Original Gameboy DMG 01 Pickups

Nintendo Original Gameboy DMG 01 - Retro Game Pickups and Find

Nintendo Gameboy Pickups This week the star of the show is the original Gameboy from Nintendo! Over the Christmas holidays last year I was over at my parents’ house for a night and was reminiscing about all the great Gameboy games I used to own. I decided to take a Continue Reading

Retro Gaming – Nintendo N64 & Sega Mega Drive Genesis Pickups

In this first video of my video game collection I go over some great retro game pickups! I was on the lookout for some cheap Nintendo 64 games and an N64 for sale. I also came across some epic Sega Mega Drive games or Sega Genesis games for those in the US! Continue Reading